Loose Tooth – ‘Fish Boy’ | New Music

“Fish Boy” is the final song on Loose Tooths debut album Big Fish, which is set to be released on 7th April on Father/Daughter Records & Lame-O Records. If this final track is anything to go off, then the album is sizing up to be a ground shaking release. After releasing their debut album Easy Easy East back in 2015, the band have been work exponentially hard on and off tour, which has finally led to their second album.
Their hard work is easily detected when you listen new song “Fish Boy” as they have refined and honed their style to a higher degree. The loud garge/punk sound which emerges from the track is guttural and violent which could easily light a fire under anybody, and could hurl a live audience into a complete frenzy. The song is very hard hitting and borderline heavy rock music, yet they manage to toe the line rather well as they force feed you their music.
The hope is that Loose Tooth can consistently push this aggression and pure energy through the entirety of their album. If they can achieve this, it could potentially be one of the surprise albums of the year for punk/garage/noise rock scene.
Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

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