10 Questions for Table Scraps!

10 Questions is gradually becoming more and more of a staple here at WFM, and to add to that collection we have a big one! We managed to get the amazing noise punk band Table Scraps from the Midlands to take them on, and needless to say they didn’t let anyone down!
First things first how did you come to be?
Scott moved in to the house next door to Poppy, in Birmingham, and the rest is history. They’d both had spent years in the purgatory of music industry madness (before and after the bottom fell out in 2007), so had a shared understanding for cutting the bullshit. We disappeared into our own world: writing and producing our own records, making our own artwork, shooting our own videos, playing all over. Very much on our own terms. After writers decided that “two-pieces” were their own genre, and because we had too much hair between us, we got TJ in on bass to redress the balance.
What genre of music would you say you play?
There’s a lot swirling around the pot, but we tend to settle for “Garage Punk” as it covers most bases in a satisfying catchall. There’s a good chunk of metal and psych chucked in because… why not?

Which bands/artists do you take influences from?

In the spirit of rock’n’roll, everything we do is a jumble of influences and stuff Frankenstein’d together from all over the place. We can’t really start without a nod towards The Cramps. A large swathe of everything from The Stooges, Black Flag, Sabbath, Pissed Jeans, Thee Oh Seas, blah blah blah.

Best venue you’ve ever played and why?

We were invited to play in Madrid in December and, as they’re all mad for garage rock, so it became Beatlemania pretty quickly. We played The Wurtlizer Ballroom, one thing led to another, and we ended up mashing up our track ‘Motorcycle (Straight to Hell) with ‘Paranoid’. The place went nuts, we got dragged across the city for the rest of the night, didn’t pay for a single drink, and were all dead to the world the following day. It’d be weird not to also mention our adopted home of The Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath – a venue that defies the odds by putting on varied and interesting lineups whilst continuing to thrive in these deeply fucked times.

Best gig you’ve ever attended?

Thee Oh Sees at the basement in Birmingham around 2010. It was a tiny, red underground bar that was everything a bar should be. Sadly, after a year ‘the man’ tripled the rates and it closed. The band crammed a ton of gear into the tiny venue and did a blistering hour long set. I was DJing that night and Jon Dwyer even carried my records down the street for me. A gentlemen and a legend.
A band you would most like to support and why?
We’ve been very lucky to have played with some of our favourites (The Stranglers, Fat White Family, Kid Congo, King Tuff). Black Sabbath will probably be the one that got away, as they mean a lot to us being from Birmingham as well, but stranger things have happened…

A band that you would like to work with?

We’ve played with Yak twice and been blown away by their live show and their incredible work ethic. Their manic energy is definitely something that we’re on the same level with. It would be great to record in the states with Jim Diamond or Matt Vert Ray
Top five albums you’ve ever heard?
The Modern Lovers – The Modern Lovers
Pussy Galore – Uptight
Velvet Underground – White Light White Heat
Oblivians – Popular Favourites
Wipers – Youth Of America

Biggest accomplishment as a band/solo artist?

Doing it ourselves on a day to day basis and having invested the time to keep everything completely in-house is more satisfying than traditional band milestones to us. Nothing gets done without us all being 100% into it and, as we’re all so on the same page, we can turn things around as quickly or as slowly as we want in the interests of making everything as killer as it should be. 
What’s next in the pipeline?
We put out an LP ourselves just over a year ago. People liked it and it stirred up some interest and some fun opportunities for us, so now we’re making another one. Lots more touring as well – Come join the party!
Just would like to give a huge thanks to Table Scraps for taking on the 10 Questions, it’s much appreciated and all the best!

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