Los Campesinos! – ‘Sick Scenes’ | Album Review

Los Campensinos are a seven piece Indie/Rock/Pop band from the Wonderful Capital of Wales, Cardiff. The band have been around for quite some time making a name for themselves wherever they have went, and after five albums and three EP’s it has become common to expect great things when they release a new record, and now they have. It’s interesting to note the band have once again released the record with Wichita Recordings, a Record Label which is always kind to their artists and gives them the artistic room to breathe.
Sick Scenes is packed to the brim with swanky hooks and rhythmic shouting which is only too endearing as they have such a way of bringing their music across, with a playful tone embedded within each track.
The opening track sets the tone and pace perfectly with easy to sing hooks and catchy “oooo’s” thrown all over the place. ‘Renato Dall’Ara (2008)’ is just a bottle of energy and once the song is out the box, it’s hard not to enjoy and throw your arms around and sing along.

Los Campensinos flow through the album well not suddenly slowing the pace down at any point, or contrastingly burning the album out too quick with too many agile tracks.
I Broke Up In Amarante’ is stand out track on the album with lead singer Gareth singing about a break up but ultimately deciding “You really can’t complain/It’s just a holiday” which is relatable for most people. On the whole the track is simply fun to listen to and sing along with, it’s just that infectious.
The record continues this fun rollercoaster ride with the songs ‘A slow, slow Death’ which is a steady track, into ‘Fall of Home’ which is firmly the most anthemic and memorable of the tracklisting, coming across as the heavy favourite for single release.
However the best track on the album must go to ‘Here’s to the fourth time’ which is an ode to trying again and in a sense never giving up. The track is laden with these poppy synths and catchy loops but the real awe moment comes when they band completely let loose and let the guitars really screech and go to work. After the song, it’s inevitable you’ll be singing “When all is said and done”.
The band very much stick to their wheelhouse with this record, but it would be cruel to say they played it safe as they throw everything into each of the songs. The passion and thought put into each track is clearly audible by the way it’s performed as if it’s live and the crowd is in front of them in the palm of their hands. This is easily one of their better albums they have released, but it clearly seems the band has so much more to offer and are just in their prime.
Words by Alex Wise @AJwise
Favourite Tracks: ALL OF THEM!

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