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Ahead of their UK tour with Honeyblood in April I manged to grab a brisk interview with indie/Punk trio Doe, to get an understanding of their thoughts and feelings on it, while simultaneously attempting to get a sneak preview of their set list!

Hey guys great to get to speak with you! Ahead of your upcoming tour with Honeyblood, would love to know if you’ve played with them before and if so, where?

Nicola: We’ve never played with them before, only admired them from a distance.

Are you looking forward to playing with them?

Dean: Yeh! We love Scotland, two-pieces and moody music so it’s a match made in hell.

Will this be one of the biggest UK tours you’ve embarked on?

Nicola: It’ll definitely be one of the biggest in terms of venue size, we’re all really looking forward to playing to bigger audiences and new people that might not have heard of us before.

Jake: We’re only on three of the dates though, so if you’re talking about tour size in terms of number of shows, it will be one of the teeniest we’ve done. A tiny tour, if you will. A minotaur.

Which venue are you looking forward to playing?

Jake: Sub89 in Reading, cos we’ve never played Reading. Also I’d like to hear Nicola go “Scream for me Reading” in between every song.

Nicola: I’m almost definitely not going to do that.

Is there any venue you’ve played before and you’re looking forward to returning to, if so which one?

Nicola: We actually haven’t even played in any of the cities we’ll be playing with Honeyblood before, but I’ve heard York is just lovely and my friend has said we can stay with her mum in Bedford so that’ll be nice.

Which songs are you looking forward to playing the most?

Dean: Corin’s always fun. It’s one of our more frantic songs so can be hard to get right, but we’ve been playing it more recently and I feel like it’s sounding good. Also Nicola gets to destroy all the haters with her guttural scream, which is my fav part.

Nicola: Haters beware. I really enjoy playing Sincere live cos it’s just the right pace where I don’t feel too worn out afterwards and it seems to get the crowd ‘pumped’.  

I loved your second album ‘Some Things Last Longer Than You’ but I’m just wondering if we’ll hear much from your previous record ‘First Four’?

Nicola: Thank you! ‘STLLTY’ was actually our first album, ‘First Four’ is a compilation of short run EPs that we self-released before combining for an LP on Specialist Subject and Old Flame. Always keen to clarify that as STLLTY was the first time we wrote to form a cohesive piece. We still play quite a few songs from First Four and usually a couple make it into the set list depending on how we feel about the show, but generally we’ve been focusing more on the newer songs.

Jake: There’s definitely one or two from First Four that we’ll always have a soft spot for, no matter how much stuff we’ve done since, so it’s nice to have those in reserve to put in the set if the mood takes us. As a rule though we’re keen to concentrate on the new and current songs because they’re our favourites and the most ‘us’ stuff we’ve done. Plus generally in life it’s not good to look back on shit too much. Deeeeep.

Can the crowd expect to hear any completely fresh new songs?

Dean: We’ve got some new songs in the pipeline and definitely wanna test stuff live. The crowd can probably expect some rare unreleased riffs and weird time signatures.

What can we expect after the tour from the band?

Dean: Long naps.

Jake: More touring, then possibly our deaths.

Thank you so much you three for taking time out to check in with us here at WFM, it’s much appreciated! Please do not die after the tour, you still have so much more music to create!
If you have chance to catch them live, please do I’m sure you will not regret it!

Upcoming Live Dates:

13/03 – DIY showcase @ British Music Embassy
18/03 – Old Flame showcase @ Swan Dive

w/ LVL UP & Colour Me Wednesday
01/04 – JT Soar, Nottingham
03/04 – Cwlb Ifor Bach, Cardiff
04/04 – Kamio, London

w/ Honeyblood
24/04 – The Crescent, York
26/04 – Sub89, Reading
27/04 – Esquires, Bedford

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