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Photo by Debbie Scanlan/ Wolf James Photography
Photo by Debbie Scanlan/ Wolf James Photography

To carry on the NEW MUSIC NOW series we have London four-piece band CHILDCARE, who are signed to up and coming record label, Lost in the Manor Records. The band carry an alt-pop vibe, however they do take detours into a much heavier sound when prompted, as there new track showcases.

‘Kiss?’ has this unruly energy from beginning to end, because as soon as the song starts you have quick paced riff combined with these subtle vocals grasping your attention. Lead singer Ed Cares then goes into this monologue type introduction, as he lays the table for the rest of the song. It’s different to hear something like this, as he’s telling you the story as if you’re sitting with him. Once the track is in full swing in all its noisy glory you have to just sit back and admire it, because it simply turns into a great pop song with volume swayed up to eleven and the guitar going on a mad spree.
The track could easily be at the centerpiece of their gigs because of this raw energy it has going. The band have just been confirmed to play one of the biggest upcoming festivals The Great Escape, so if you feel yourself getting the itch to see the band why not make a weekend of it and see a load of other bands too!
Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

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