Yucky Duster – Duster Lament’ | EP Review

After finding their debut album only yesterday, it was only a matter of time until  Yucky Duster’s new EP “Duster’s Lament “was found, an oh how beautiful it was to find it. There’s only a number of bands that I have found myself falling instantly in love with, and Yucky Duster are now one of the bands on this short and exclusive list.
Their Lo-Fi, careless sound was endearing on their first self-entitled debut album, and although the band continue with this unique sound it still hasn’t lost any of its likability. The EP doesn’t push any boundaries but the band know their wheelhouse increasingly well, and they’re able to create simplistic songs with a relatability factor which is difficult to find for most bands, yet they do it with ease. This is their USP which they lean on for most of the songs. Whether they’re singing about feeling down and having “one of those years” in ‘Dusters Lament‘, or singing about you and your friends growing apart in ‘Different People’ you can relate so easily.

The production is completely stripped back as they rely solely on guitars, subtle harmonies, simple drum patterns and keys which makes the EP so infectious, because it’s simple. Along with this none of the songs touch the three minute mark, which is refreshing to hear because you’re enjoying every song, and just before the song could potentially lose it’s life you’re onto the next one.
The EP’s showcase has to be the closing track ‘Elementary School Dropout‘, which is not only one of the funniest song titles ever created, but is the best track on the EP. Everything is spotlighted, the plain funny lyrics such as “I’m a the bad girl in the corner/because I never get to school on time”, the crazy guitar riff throughout and the beautifully under-produced harmonies – it’s all there.
Understandably this will not to be every ones liking, but to the people who are fans of Lo-Fi music such as The Softies, Tiger Trap and Beat Happening this band is for you. The only problem with the EP is that it wasn’t an album, but that’s just being greedy.
Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

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