Little Comets – ‘Common Things’ | New Music

After a number of years of being away from the conscious minds of die-hard indie fans, Little Comets are returning with their brand new album ‘Worhead’ which will be released February 3rd 2017. However the single on show today entitled “Common Things” will be released on March 10th,and the band have released it early as a taster for the album.

The song has some sleek qualities to it with the high pitched riffs, beautiful harmonies combined with the sprinkled use of a synth where needed. The main vocals are on point as they match the music beat for beat and enhance the song. It’s a quick cheerful love song tied around the simplistic idea that he loves doing common things with the girl, which is easily relatable for most people.
No boundaries were broken by the band, but they have supplied us with a solid track which wouldn’t sound out of place in an indie disco. If the whole album follows suit, it looks like the band could be on for another strong outing.

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