10 Questions for Annique!

The 10 Questions feature is going strong, and it continues to get stronger with another interview with another interesting act. We got to catch up with London two-piece Annique, the band are possibly one of the most versatile I’ve come across and having the chance to speak to them and get their thoughts on some topics was a whirlwind! So read on, and enjoy!
1) First things first how did you come to be?
Annique started around 6yrs ago when producer, Koby Isrealite invited me
over to do a session on a track he’d created (No Mans Land). I had to
create lyrics and melody. The session went so well we decided to
continue writing together and soon after decided to do an album together.
2) What genre of music would you say you play?
It’s quite cinematic and even theatrical at times. I’d say it’s a mix of
gypsy, Rock, pop and folk.
3) Which bands/artists do you take influences from?
I’m influenced by musicians I perform with as well as the legends. Out
of the
famous I guess ; Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Queen, The
Beatles ,Joni Mitchell, Roisin Murphy, Amy Winehouse, Bill Withers, Jill
Lauren Hill, Michael Jackson… The list goes on but I guess these are the most
4) Best venue you’ve ever played and why?
Our Album Launch at Gilgamesh in Camden. We had a chance to play the music
at its full potential with the 8 piece band. It was was what I had been
building up to all the years put into the project and this gig was the
grand finale. The venue was also very beautiful with wood carvings on the
wall so even that added atmosphere. It was a real show, so many people
came…There’s a clip of it on line if you search on youtube.

5) Best gig you’ve ever attended?
Best gig I have ever attended has to be Prodigy at the Isle of white
festival. It was unreal. The sun was setting, I was there with just my
best friend (My Sister) we were happily perched on some strangers
shoulders and it was timeless as “Smack My Bitch Up” hit out . Their music
has always been amazing and that memory will never leave me so thank you
The Prodigy -you the bomb X
6) A band you would most like to support and why?
He’s not a band but can I say Paolo Nutini? That would be unreal. The guy
can sing! Our music has similarities. Enough to interest his fans without
it being to samey. Also me being a girl would add a nice variety to the
whole show.
7) A band that you would like to work with?
Prodigy. I love when two totally different genres get merged. Juliette
Lewis did an album with them a few years ago now (Always Outnumbered,
Never Outgunned) … It was so good.
8) Top five albums you’ve ever heard?
Too hard … These all have a huge place in my heart and I never get bored
listening to them. Each song is played. No skipping forward.
Fat Freddys Drop- Cays Crays
The Streets- Original Pirate Material
Bill Withers- Live at Carnegie Hall
Jill Scott -Who is Jill Scott ? , (A total masterpiece)
Roisin Murphy- Ruby Blue
9) Biggest accomplishment as a band/solo artist?
Personally, so far doing an album has to be it. I think most musicians
have it on their bucket list. Wanting something and actually getting it
are two different things. Art is so personal, so precious, you’re not so
much doing it to earn a crust you’re trying to connect with people and
hope they touched by it. That’s a big thing.
What if they don’t like it? Also all the preparation behind it takes a
lot of time and perseverance –it’s very easy to just want to say “Im done,
can’t be arsed”… but we didn’t and now there’s something to show for it.
10) What’s next in the pipeline?
We’re due to release the music video for ‘London’s Burning’ soon !!!
Waiting to hear back for festival slots, as well as hope to do a mini tour
in the Baltic regions.
All the while I have also been writing album number 2. There’s a shed load
of cool tunes I can’t wait to get out there but that won’t be possible to
release at least until 2017.

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