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Today we have up and coming band Larkins with their new single ‘Velvet,’ which has been released on Manchester based Scruff of the Neck Records. The quartet from Manchester have been turning heads since jumping on the scene earning over 2,000 like on Facebook and gaining quite a live following. However it’s this song which could very possibly help the band reach that next level, and take themselves to the next stage.

‘Velvet’ has a really clean sound which is matched by impeccable vocals and swagger, as the riff at the start is similar to something early Last Shadow Puppets work,  with it’s heavy reverb yet eerie feel. The song seems very minimal with a subtle synth, a basic drum beat and straight vocals. However that’s all the song needed at the start because it keeps your interest until the screaming like guitar work comes bursting through for the chorus.
It’s good to hear the band haven’t tried to follow in the footsteps of Manchester giants Oasis and The Stone Roses, as they would of easily drawn comparisons and more than likely sounded like a bad rip off. One thing Larkins seem to have inherited is the swagger that can be heard on the song, they don’t come across scared or timid, they’re confident and  are very aware of the talent they have which is something that is integral for any great band.
Words by Alex Wise @al4563

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