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Photo By Mark Klassen
Photo By Mark Klassen

VACAY Debuts with New Track ‘The Other Side’

The past two days on New Music Now! have been filled with upbeat and fast paced noise throughout, however today VACAY has come to slow it down and bring something a little more soulful. His new song “The Other Side” bleeds out the feelings of being alone in a relationship wondering where the passion went, and he does an exquisite job of doing so.

The song is incredibly soulful as it’s completely stripped back to an acoustic guitar and his powerful voice, which is all this song needs as it conveys the message perfectly.

The light use of the reverb really helps the track as it just extenuates how VACAY feels in the situation, alone. Another aspect of the song which cannot be ignored is the clever use of lyrics as he rigorously breaks down the situation and is brutally honest with every line.

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