WFM Introducing…Soham De!

There’s only so many ways that you can play the guitar until it starts to sound terrible, but Soham De seems to have mastered every which way you can play and make it sound impeccable. After starting writing songs at the age of 10, Soham has grown into a mature and highly skilled guitariat which is at the peak of his powers at the moment and still show signs of development.

In this particular video Soham undoubtedly shows off his skills while creating a powerful song that could be felt by anyone. There are influences from the likes of Ben Howard and Newton Faulkner, yet he only takes dashes of their work as he adds his own flavor throughout each of his own songs. Soham also has this very soulful voice for such a young singer, but he doesn’t let himself get carried away and try to overpower every song, by only pulling out the high vocals when needed.

With the quality music in place,  Soham has done the hard part as he now just has to continue to grow his fan base steadily and continue to consistently write good music that cannot be mimicked. The only thing to do now is go through his complete catalog and wait patiently for any new music he brings out.
Words by Alex Wise @al4563

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