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Today New Music Now brings to you Chicago, Illinois band Lazy Legs, who specialize in loud and powerful noises. The band have been together for nearly two years and are already gearing up to release their debut album VISIONDEATH which is being released later this year on July  15th.
Their new album will feature their newest single which has just been released entitled ‘Open‘, which is a must hear below.

The song is bold and brave to be a single as it serves to be a type of instrumental due to there be no lyrics, however the courage to release the song as a single has paid off.
As soon as the song is let out of the cage it refuses to drop it’s tempo or raw energy until the final second, as the same chords and drum beat are repeated you find yourself getting completely hooked on it. The track certainly falls into the shoegaze category as the fuzzy guitar blares out relentlessly and the “ooooooohs” and “ahhhhhs” float angelically in the background.
Of course this structure of song couldn’t be repeated through the whole album as it could grow tiresome, but I know the band are much more creative than that and we can look forward to a different twist to each song with shoegaze still at the chore of each one.
Words by Alex Wise @al4563

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