Smashing Lads – ‘Bottom Block’ | New Music

On today’s New Music Now we have another debut with Oldham four-piece Smashing Lads, and after being around for a while their new song ‘Bottom Block’ seems to be the one to break the mold.
The track is a three minute riot which you could easily hear being played underneath a bar room brawl scene in a film. The band catch this energy, that you only seem to find in bursts, bottle it up and throw it at you in song form. The song has a real Brit Pop sound around it, as it sounds aggressively British with the regional accent, violent guitar solo and dark undertone. However the guys manage to only borrow from the scene and not completely rip it off, as they bring a new twist to it.
You can catch the guys this month, so if you’re free make sure you make the effort!
JUNE, 18, 2016 – LIVEinBarnsley. The White Bear. 3pm.
Words by Alex Wise @al4563

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