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Featuring on today’s New Music Now is Singer-Songwriter Tom Ryder with his new single ‘Desk Job’, which was released last week. The song features on Tom’s new EP Strings Attached, which on the whole is a triumph for the up and coming talented musician.

‘Desk Job’ is an uplifting piece of work which is soaked in the hard truth of the strains that ties down and stifles your creative side, which is a perfect topic which easy to relate to. The song is simple yet effective at is has the classic verse chorus verse structure, however it manages to stay interesting and not fall into the trap of becoming mundane. The song is perfectly produced, as it’s fully polished like something you’d hearing coming straight of radio 1. The little trumpets behind the chorus is a nice touch as they don’t overstay their welcome and ruin the song. The abrupt ending to the track takes you by surprise, but it’s a cool and ballsy trick that pays off here.
His new EP is out now which you can find on iTunes!
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Words by Alex Wise @al4563

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