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This is a debut for Not Monsters on WFM, which is fitting seen as this is their debut video for their new song ‘On Tilt’. The Four-Piece from Dublin, Ireland have come out with quite the debut video here as they’ve nailed an aesthetically pleasing piece of work, but what about the music?
The track is packed to the brim with energy as it kicks off with an intense build combined with some soft guitars before it turns crazy, as they pace picks up and throws you into madness. The vocals float in which have a Guy Garvey feel to them just less dramatic, but they suit the track perfectly. This sets them apart from a lot of up and coming guitar bands which seem to have a similar vocal style imprinted on them. A feature that really sticks out in the track is the poignant drums which gives the guitars this really raw edge to them.
The song has a really dark undertone embedded within it and the band have flaunted it which is perfect. As well as the video having this dark image of an unknown pill being taken the lyrics really paint a dark picture with the line “I lost some friends and some family/my car window changing scenery” is a heartfelt line.
The track is released May 28th so make sure you back the band and buy your copy here! >
Words by Alex Wise @al4563

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