The Shaker Hymn – ‘Sucking it Out’ | New Music

This band is a new one for WFM as today it’s The Shaker Hymns debut here with their new single ‘Sucking it Out‘, which is a complete riot.

The band have a really refreshing sound and bring in some interesting techniques to the song witch its chaotic structure and ridiculously heavy ending with guitar screeching and refusing to let up. The lead singer has a slight influence from Nick Cave which can be heard especially as he screams “I’m sucking it out”, as it has this eerie feel surrounding it. It’s impressive how the song is laid and structured out as there’s no down time where you’re hearing out for the next big part, each part of the song is impactful and impressive.
The song features on their new album which can be heard here >
Words by Alex Wise @al4563

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