The Assist – ‘Trouble’ | EP Review

After years building their fan base and touring all over the place, The Assist have finally released their debut EP Trouble, and after the teaser tracks of ‘Nyabinghi’ and ‘Things Get Good’ the EP looks more promising. So does it live up to the hype?
The EP kicks off with upbeat pop song entitled ‘Love’; with its storytelling lyrics they paint a picture throughout the song. The quick funky stabs of the guitar gives the song a hint of a psychedelic edge and the band manage to pull this off well at does not sound like a weak attempt. The clever use of the synth gives the song some good texture, making it a lot less one dimensional as it serves perfectly well as the opener to the EP.

‘Fashion’, ‘Nyabinghi’ and ‘Things Get Good’ provide the bulk of the EP, and they all punch well above average, as they all have their own melody and style as the band refuse to rely on the same old structures and status-quo of most songs. ‘Fashion’ offers this dreamy guitar and softer vocals before it turns into a massive rave as the pace picks up, whereas ‘Nyabinghi’ offers a more ska sound with the quick upstrokes of the guitar, yet it still has the dark undertone when it drops into the chorus. ‘Things Get Good’ completely steps away from the previous songs  with its dance beat drums, and simple yet catchy guitar riff which Ryan Stanton manages to do on several occasions.

Time’ wraps the whole EP up and it does so in exquisite fashion, as the band has their fingers is several pies as they embrace the word alternative. With a bouncy pop synth lying beneath some intriguing vocals provided by Mikey Stanton, it quickly turns into a much heavier song as the guitar crashes in and the song receives a completely different feel. This is possibly the best song on the EP, as well as being the catchiest, it also has the most versatility as they change the pace, sound and feel throughout and they champion it every time.
This EP is a simply just a bundle of fun which you cannot really get bored of because the songs are just so interesting and catchy. The Assist had a clear goal with this, and that was to be different and enjoyable and they achieved it easily. The guys have found their own style and sound in such a short space of time, so hopefully they will continue with this and push to make more of this music.
Words By Alex Wise @al4563

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