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With their debut EP ‘Trouble‘ making waves on the iTunes music charts, Midlands based band The Assist have released ‘Things Get Good‘ on Soundcloud to entice you to purchase the EP – and it works.
Through being together for such a length of time The Assist have very much created their own sound, with a treble heavy guitar, deep bass-lines and vocals that cannot be mimicked. ‘Things Get Good‘ manages to change pace and melody without you even noticing as seems to be such a natural thing to happen. For most bands this would be a difficult task to take on, yet The Assist seem to do it so frequently without sacrificing the quality of the track.

The song has an upbeat feel as lead singer Mikey Stanton sings “Do what you want/No matter who disagrees”, with the drums playing a key role throughout. However when the song changes pace Mikey manages to make the transition feel smooth, as he stops and slows down allowing the listener adjust to it. The attraction to this song is how it’s structured, because it’s not a tired formula it’s interesting to listen to, making you want to listen again and again.
The song very much mirrors the EP, as that also is a triumph as it will be reviewed soon on the website. The band can be happy with the reaction it’s receiving as their not getting any bad feedback, and I cannot foresee any.
Words by Alex Wise @al4563

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