Garbage – ‘Empty’ | New Music

Well traveled band Garbage have streamed their brand new single ‘Empty‘, as they continue to make solid music. The four piece have been together since 1993, and after such a period of time you would have thought that they’d have blunted the edge they once had, yet it’s quite the opposite.

‘Empty’ manages to bottle the grit and anger that you would only really find in an angry teenager, which is one of the reasons this song seems so fresh as they seem like they still have this attitude. The track has this wild sound to it with the punchy guitar riff at the forefront of it, this compliments the vocals provided by the charismatic Shirley Manson. This record won’t reinvent the wheel, but it will be another song in Garbage’s portfolio and continue to cement them as a top act.
Words by Alex  Wise @al4563

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