Ginger Tom – ‘Thought You’d Won’ | New Music

To break the mold of our New Music Now! section we have clean-cut guitar music from Ginger Tom. Normally this section is laden with heavy hitting guitar songs, however Ginger Tom bring a brilliantly clean sound with clear cut vocals with ‘Thought You’d Won‘, and it’s impressive.

The song has a hint of a pop-punk edge to it due to the upbeat and bouncing melody that covers through the entire song. It has that sing-back quality to it which makes you want to sing a long whenever you hear it. To give the song a slight edge you have some very good guitar work from the lead guitarist, as it gives it this slightly gritty undertone which meshes perfectly with the vocals.
This is their lead single from their NEW EP entitled ‘EP II’, which you can download now from iTunes or their online store – 
Words By Alex Wise

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