Nai Harvest – ‘Jelly’ | New Music

Today is a good day and here’s why, Nai Harvest have streamed their brand new single!
Nai Harvest are an extremely talented two piece from Sheffield and have been causing a rampage since they started, and they’re continuing their rampage with their new single ‘Jelly‘.
The song is a complete roller coaster from the start, as it kicks in straight away with no warning as the guitar blares out and promises something magical in the upcoming three minutes. The simple yet catchy riff has you hooked in, and once it has you it doesn’t let you go. To add to the chaotic punk sound of the band you have the vocals roaring down your ear as it drives you on to smash something off the wall just for the fun of it.

Nai Harvest continue to move from strength to strength, and there’s no wondering why with this song as evidence. It’s only a matter of time until they hit the big stage and take on larger crowds!
Words by Alex Wise @ale4563

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