Baywaves – ‘Only For Uz’ | EP Review

Only For Uz is the debut EP for Spanish sensations Baywaves, and it may prove to be one of the most important steps in their music career. After impressing time and time again with their single releases, Baywaves have upped the ante by releasing this and it’s sure to pay off.
The EP kicks off with “Time is Passing U By”, a song that’s previously been covered here, its dreamy riffs and vocals soaked in haziness it’s difficult not to enjoy the song. Being alternative, it’s not so far removed that a casual music fan cannot enjoy it, a swift move from the band.
“The Freak Kingdom” and “To the North” provide the filling in the EP, if the EP was a sandwich. They both follow suit from the opener as the maestros continue to provide you with a unique sound, which gives you a floaty feeling. The band are heavily influenced by the Tame Impala and it’s shown here, however they haven’t ripped off or rehashed something Tame Impala have already done as Baywaves have kept them simply as an influence.

Reaching the end of the EP was hard to come to terms with after listening through, because it leaves you aching for more which is always a good sign. “Marsupilami” wraps the EP up exquisitely as it is the catchiest of the bunch, with vibrant sounds providing exotic colours for your eyes, you’re left in a dreamland of sorts. The guitar work in here is played to perfection, giving the vocals a bed to thrive on.
The only criticism that could be found about this EP is that it’s not long enough; the guys truly did themselves justice with a release like this. Knowing how hard the band work and, how far they’re willing to travel to make something of this there’s a massive amount of respect towards this EP. This should be their pin on the map and the catalyst for bigger things, bring on the album!
Words By Alex Wise @al4563

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