10 questions for blajk!

As our search to find out about new and exciting bands continue, we got to talk to Brent from BLAJK, which are turning out to be one of the hottest acts to be coming out of one of the coolest places in the world, Toronto!
1)First things first how did you come to be?
Jordan and I met a couple years ago through a mutual friend and started writing music immediately. Our shared musical taste made it click right away. Tom and Ray had been friends of mine for quite a while and we had always been jamming and hanging out together.
2)What genre of music would you say you play?
We’re an alternative band.
3)Which bands/artists do you take influences from?
David Bowie, Foals, Interpol, Elvis Presley, tons of 70’s funk, Outkast

4) Best venue you’ve ever played and why?
As a band, the Mod club in Toronto. It was a sold out show in our home town and the sound there is incredible.
5) Best gig you’ve ever attended?
Coachella 2014
6) A band you would most like to support and why?
We’re all really into HAIM right now. I think that would be an amazing show.
7) A band that you would like to work with?
If we ever had the chance, working with Frank Ocean would be unbelievable.
8) Top five albums you’ve ever heard?
Way too many to possibly list the top 5
9) Biggest accomplishment as a band?
Our biggest accomplishment thus far would be getting on Spotifys New Music Friday playlist. Its translated to over 400,000 streams on spotify and really garnered us a lot of attention.
10) What’s next in the pipeline?
We’ve just finished up our first EP and we’re releasing a single mid April. Followed by the full release mid May.
We’re doing a west coast Canadian tour with our friends Young Empires in May. We’re also playing at this year’s Bestival in June! Exciting few months ahead.
Thank you so much for the interview Brent, it’s much appreciated!
Interview conducted by Alex Wise @al4563

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