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Today on New Music Now we’re pleased to present to you Glass Caves with their brand new single “Alive”, which could be regarded as one of the best songs to have graced this section.

The song does a perfect job of encapsulating what it feels to be completely devoted to the moment that you’re living in. The anthemic structure to the song, along with the euphoric guitar parts and roaring vocals seem to bottle an emotion and feeling we only seem to have sparingly. A lot of the credit has to go to the vocals and how much passion they have rooted within them, along with the Northern twinge they’re hard not to admire. The nostalgic feel that surrounds the song only adds to it’s charm, as you can instantly relate to it after only one listen.
The band have struck gold with releasing this song, and this should be the catalyst for them to enter into mainstream recognition.
09/04/16 Manchester Academy 2
14/04/16 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
15/04/16 Glasgow Hard Rock Café
16/04/16 Edinburgh Sneaky Pete’s
22/04/16 Sheffield The Rocking Chair
06/05/16 Birmingham The Sunflower Lounge
07/05/16 Barnsley Opium 10
14/05/16 York Fibbers
14/05/16 Liverpool Zanzibar
04/06/16 Ayton Hemelvaart
18/06/16 Nottingham Bodega
Words by @al4563

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  1. Totally blown away by the new single, just when you think you’ve heard their best they go and better it! Great to see live too.

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