Fire Fences – ‘In Your Love’ | New Music

Today we mellow the mood down on New Music Now!, with Fire Fences providing a softer tone for our ears with “In Your Love”

Normally we feature bands thrashing away at their guitars filled with distortion and anger, however today Fire Fences are bringing a calmer feel to this section. After winning single of 2015 by the band were rewarded with a recording session at 4th Street recording and, had the delight of having it mixed by Brian Gardner (Foo Fighters, David Bowie and John Mayer).
The four piece had a successful trip to the studio as they came out with “In Your Love” a soft melodic song with  words attempting to melt the heart. In some aspects the band remind you of Scouting For Girls with the vocals and harmonizing, however they maintain a more of an electronic edge. The clean sound of the guitar allows it to have this larger than life feel at times, as you can clearly hear a lot of time was spent on these particular parts of the song.
The song hasn’t crossed any boundaries or created a new genre, but it is a solid guitar pop song which walks along the edges of indie music.
Words by Alex Wise @al4563

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