The Assist – ‘Nyabinghi’ | New Music

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The Assist have been rapidly growing a very loyal fan base these last couple of years due to their relentless touring schedule and, the desire to put on a unique show every time they step on stage. On top of this their music is pretty good, which goes for their new track released yesterday”Nyabinghi”.

“Nyabinghi” still has their classic laid back style drizzled all over it yet, it seems to be a tad bit heavier than their previous releases. All of their songs have catchy little guitar hooks (regardless to the fact it’s only the one guitar which is impressive) this track is no different as the guitar keeps the listener interested. As always the real life related lyrics provided by Mikey Stanton are on point and provides a story for the listener to get invested in.
This track is just another step in the right direction for the band, and if they continue to make these steps they’re going to end up somewhere special.
Words by Alex Wise @al4563

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