Scrambled Limbs – ‘Vacherin’ | New Music

After some amazing work with his old band Termite (check them out!) Sam Rodwell has decided to branch off and create Scrambled Limbs, and after having the joy of listening the debut EP first I can confirm its legit!
Sam has decided to go in a seperate direction to Termite by creating some crazy psycadelic sounds and the first one we get to hear is ‘Vacherin’. Psycadelic songs are always going to be somewhat left wing, and soemtimes can come off as pretentious but, Scrambled Limbs has pulled it off. With the vocals clear to hear and whirlwind like guitar riffs the song flows by without a care in the world.
This songs is a sneak peak of what is to come on the EP which will be released tomorrow!!! So if you like what you hear, get it downloaded tomorrow

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