Last Light – Ghosts | New Music


Band: Last Light

Hometown: Walsall

Their song ‘Ghosts’ was released 2 months ago, but in that time space it still manages to sound fresh to the ear, and as entertaining as ever. One the most instrumental elements to the song is the bass as it plays such a prominent part from start to finish, which is something that a lot of bands tend to stay away from, but Last Light and manage to pull it off.

From the sound of the song you feel that that your going to get these rough husky vocals, but you get this softer mellow vocals which contrast the song well. The breakdown part of the song has an eerie tendency which keeps making a an appearance from time to time, but this only makes it that bit more desirable. The solo towards the end is perhaps the cherry on the top as it present you with a huge hint of what these would like live, something that I’ll be doing as they’re a band close to home. For a single and first song from a bad it’s impressive, but as a demo it gains even more appreciation as it could be released now and nobody would be none the wiser.

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