Fallow Deer – Nostalgia | New Music


Band: Fallow Deer

Hometown: Brighton


Fallow deer, a species native to countries across Europe and Asia but also the name of this Brighton based indie/rock group. Fallow deer (the band that is) could be said to portray similarities with the animal, upon listening to the two tracks they have on offer. Their songwriting, with essences of a Brit-pop era some 15 years ago, compares to a young fawn not quite grown into a fearless Buck or developed its stylistic antlers if you will.

First track Nostalgia, decorated with a nice crunchy distortion and a bass line which really gives the song its direction and provides a lot of the punch, which drives the song throughout. Despite these elements, which we place firmly in the genre, it’s very simple ABAB etc. form doesn’t really give much to the listener. The same could be said for the vocals, which again is embellished with a brilliantly ambient reverb, a sound akin to the feeling of “nostalgia” but both lyric and melody are a tad repetitive.

Second track Year or two, shares much of the same characteristics as the previous track. Again a staggered chord intro and very reverbed vocals, but the similarities end there and the song develops into a much more palatable track with a lot of positives. A much more exciting structure with developing and changing vocal melodies, providing a great flavour to the track. This is a song I would love to hear live, it has a vocal great to sing along to and a driving sound perfect to jump and move about to.

Words By Simon Piaia






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