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Band: Friday Club

Hometown: Birmingham

When band members leave , it’s quite hard to replace them, especially when you’re in the middle gigging and you beginning to grow a fan base. Friday Club decided to take the a slightly different root when their drummer and their guitarist left,  which was just to simply turn into a 3 piece. This hasn’t affected their music in the slightest, as their new single ‘Cut Me Up’ shows.

The snarling vocals are still there along with the raw sound they seemed to have developed which is evident when you see them live. Along with these aspects they sound somewhat grungier, and taken a leaf out of Cobain’s book by adding a calculated amount of dread and eeriness to their music. ‘Cut Me Up’ very much follows their previous release ‘Tropical’ with its deep, dark and daunting sound which is very much the driving force of the track, along with Josh’s vocals. You’d think if a band lost a guitarist that they would lose that extra power and complexity, but they haven’t as the solo is still as blaring as previous songs, and normal service has been resumed, not that it was ever lost.

This new direction for Friday Club is something to keep an eye and an ear out for as they continue to release these catchy grungy numbers, I think the next step for the band now they have the line up all sorted is to release an EP, and get it playing people’s cars.





Words By Alex Wise

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