Bombers – Forecast | New Music


Band: Bombers

Hometown: Birmingham

Sounds Like: Joy Division

As Birmingham march on with their B-Town scene full gaze, haze and daze other bands that aren’t really in the scene continue to go along with their work nicely, like BOMBERS. A Joy Division influenced band with disturbing riffs, lyrics and vocals that could make you feel uncomfortable after one listen. Their new single ‘Forecast’ is something slightly different to what they’ve done before as they leave a bit of their influences behind and look to something more new-wave and fall-esque.

‘Forecast’ still has a palpable riff that makes your spine shiver as it shimmers across through your ears, and the heavily distorted rhythm guitar adds to this nervous feeling you obtain when listening to it, and it won’t just leave you alone. The Ian Curtis like vocals have been kept because it works so well for the their music and this particular type of genre , somehow it wouldn’t sound the same if it had a voice of an angel singing over it.  Unfortunately you feel at times the lyrics are slightly unimaginative, but yet they still work well for the song, and the line ‘I want you to hold me’ manages to stick in your mind after just listening to the song once. Without even a hint of warning the song ends as it tots up 2 minutes from start to finish, but just makes the song even more endearing and likeable because of how unexpected it is. Another strong song from the Birmingham band, and I doubt that it will be the last of them.





Words by Alex Wise

@Wordsformusic1 OR @al4563

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