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When the departure of moody messiah of fuzz Daniel Blumberg from Yuck was announced earlier in 2013 many feared that it would be the end. It was not the end. Instead Max Bloom and co have soldiered on, and I’m very glad they have.

The first track of the Bloom dynasty of Yuck; “Rebirth” still maintains the My Bloody Valentine and Dinosaur Jr barriers of noise that the influenced the first album, but here there’s, for me at least, more originality, the influences are clear but not overly, and the addition of synth is an enjoyable tweak to the previous Yuck dynamics.

Daniel Blumberg when he was with YUCK

There’s a significant lack in the sing-a-long choruses that the first album had and it feels like you have to really listen to be involved with the music, but this could be a smart move by Bloom, there needs to be a real effort from both the listener and performer for a piece of music to become an artwork, and from the sound of “Rebirth” I think that the new Yuck may be a little more off the wall, but a lot more interesting, though as the song-writing techniques on the first album were strong, they weren’t particularly unique, it was more about the sonic experimentation embedded within the music, something Bloom has managed to continue, much to my relief.

In all, the song is quite the gem, not a masterpiece at all, and for die-hard fans of the first album the lack of Blumberg might be too much to take, a change in sound even more so, but for fans of music and defying the odds I think that if Yuck do put an album out this year, it will definitely be one to give a spin.

Words by Connor Christie 


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