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karina berry




Artist: Karina Berry

Hometown: Bristol

Style: Soft Acoustic Melodies

I think acoustic singer/songwriters are overlooked in the world of unsigned and independent music, mainly because it’s swarming with bands, which is not a bad thing; just it’s harder to find a strong acoustic act. But when you do find an acoustic act that’s strong, it’s a treat.

This happened when I stumbled upon Karina Berry, an acoustic, singer/songwriter from Bristol. The first element that struck me was the amount of material she had, and all but one were her own songs, and each of them were at a good standard, in terms of structure and melody. All of the songs are blessed with this angelic voice, making the songs sound that bit sweeter as it enters your ears.

Unfortunately the songs aren’t completely polished with Mr.Sheen, as they sound like they’ve been recorded on a phone, but this shouldn’t take anything away from the songs, because getting a good recording of a song is rather expensive and could cost an arm and a leg.

After listening to them all a few times, I finally found my pick of the bunch, which is ‘Still Here’.

Bar the recording, it’s near perfect acoustic track, with a golden glowing chorus and each verse is as exquisite as the last, having a slight Kate Nash effect to them but a much more pure voice. More often than not, female acoustic singers get slumped in the same pigeon hole as Taylor Swift, which is an insult to any singer/songwriter. Karina Berry sets herself apart from those acoustic acts with her own print on each song, and with her churning a new song out every two weeks, it wouldn’t surprise me if her fan base continues to grow.





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