Shannon Wardrop – Medicine | New Music


Artist: Shannon Wardrop

Hometown: London

Inspired by: The Rolling Stones, Small Faces, Jefferson Airplane and The Kinks

THE BAND: Shannon Wardrop (Main vocals and Guitar), Alex Grosart (Guitar and Backing Vocals), Henry Preen (Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals), Matt Alston (Drums and Backing Vocals).

I’ve always been excited when a band arises in front of me that are female fronted, because more often than not, they’re brilliant. Shannon Weardrop is no exception, the contrast between the bands ten ton sound and Shannon’s angelic like voice it’s nothing short from desirable.

‘Medicines’ heavy yet hazy riff catches you from the start, and the song is interesting throughout, hinting at what the likes of Florence and the Machine perhaps could’ve turned out like if they dropped the harps for some substantial guitars. A certain daunting tone lingers around the song like an addictive smell like petrol, and no more so than in the catchy enduring choruses which could spin around your head for days. The song simply teased me, as I could imagine the crowds response to the band when they churned out this number.





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