The Ascension – Drowning in the Doubt | New Music

the ascension

Band: The Ascension

Hometown: Manchester

Sounds Like: Joy Division

Since beginning WFM, which was two years ago, I’ve heard a lot of pieces of music, including a lot of weird ones, and ‘Drowning in the doubt’ makes it into that weird bracket. Not it a musical way, because it’s not experimental, but in terms in the lyrics and the song structure, it deserves a place in the strange sector. The song is awkward to say the least, as it drones on from start to finish, without any real changes happening throughout the song and it easily becomes quite laborious.

This is unfortunate because their previous ventures as a group have been good and exciting, by being quite fast paced and entertaining, but ‘drowning in the doubt’ goes the other way completely. The song has a very dark and bleak theme, with the lyric ‘This river is running dry’, however it didn’t seem to capture my imagination or force me to press the play button once more. The line is infectious and catchy though, as I’ve caught myself singing it from time to time. Expected much more from this up and coming band after hearing their previous material, although this is an experimental song with a murky theme it failed to grab me and keep me interested. However, The Ascension aren’t out to create happy bouncy tracks, which is clear here, their music is there to make people think and provoke thoughts, which it does quite well overall.





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