WFM Introducing | All things Bob Music


Artist: All things Bob

Hometown: London

Sounds like: Nothing I’ve ever heard

I often like to look at and delve into the more weird and strange music which is out there, not to feel hip, but just to see what’s on offer, which is where I came across All Things Bob. This is a project by Bob Sharman, where he creates all different types of music on his own, and the phrase ‘all types of music’ is not used loosely. He delves into any genre without fear or a care, meaning he gets the purest sound because it’s not attempting to follow certain conventions that lie within the genre.

To say the least, All Things Bob is an incredibly innovative project, which could easily grab anyone’s attention because of the different pieces of music that he has on display.

This song being the prime example as he delivers a piece of electronic pop, which immediately has you thinking ‘What the hell is going on?’, similar to when you watch Australian Rugby.  Then all of a sudden he releases ‘Where the Wild Things are’, which is a punk dub, and in comparison to ‘Home’, it’s worlds apart, but they’re both interesting  pieces in their own right. All of Bob’s back catalogue is like this, sway from one genre to another, not really caring if people dislike it, and has really worked.

In my eyes Bob is possibly the mad scientist of unsigned music, because he seems to try his hand at any music, and although it may not sound the most appealing, it still manages to grip a piece of your attention.





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