Smoking Buffalo – Dream Man | New Music


Band: Smoking Buffalo

Hometown: London

Sounds Like: The Adicts,

‘Dream Man’

Punk/rock music should be punchy and in your face, similar to one of the gangster out of lock stock, but at the same time it must have pop sensibilities and continuously keep your attention, and make sure you don’t drift off and do something pointless, like sorting out your sock draw. Smoking Buffalo do this with their London attitude since they hail from Essex, but not for long enough.

Their snarling guitars and vocals are grittier than working in a coal mine, but the muffled vocals soon lose your interest as you struggle to hear what’s being sung, which really is a shame as it shapes up to be a decent song. This is a common problem for the majority of the songs they’ve uploaded, however we should not fear. These are only demo’s and are nowhere near the finished article, so we all should be patient, sit down, and entertain ourselves until Smoking Buffalo release the complete version of this song.





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