Sons of the East – Hold On | New Music


Band: Sons of the Eeast

Hometown: Sydney, Australlia

Sounds Like: The Lumineers, Mumford and Sons

‘Hold On’

Country/Folk music has never really grabbed my attention like indie/punk/rock has done in the past, but every now and again there’s a song that will stick out and perhaps change your mind, if not only for a second. This happens with ‘Hold On’, its classic cliché of a folk/country song, with an acoustic guitar, a banjo and some hearty vocals to follow it, something you’d perhaps hear in a field.

The banjo is an incredibly infectious instrument, as I seem to get this urge to purchase one every time I see someone playing it, this happens here, as I was literally left drooling over it. The classic structure of verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge, works perfectly for this song as it keeps the tempo throughout each part,. The bridge/breakdown is most impressive as it keep that energy that has already been built up, and we’re delivered a nice little guitar part. Although it may not completely be to everybody’s taste, particularly mine, you still may find yourself singing now and again, which can’t be helped.





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