Robin Pahlman – Miss Lonelyhearts | New Music


Artist:  Robin Pahlman

Hometown: Vienna

Sounds Like: Ray Lamontage

Robin Pahlman – Miss Lonelyhearts

Well this is a first for WFM as this is Finnish singer/songwriter who currently lives in Austria, and I don’t think this will be ever emulated again. Acoustic songs are very hit and miss, because most people that play guitar can write a song on acoustic and whack it up on soundcloud, which is the reason why we have a lot of tosh on there. However, Robin Pahlman has very much hit the spot with ‘Miss Lonelyhearts’ demonstrating pop sensibilities within his extremely folky single. A catchy little Banjo part introduces you to the song, lifting the mood and setting the tone with this single intricate part.

The song has all the major components of a pop song, the most important of those, a fetchy chorus as Pahlman sings “With the tears of Miss Lonelyhearts, come soaking through’, you get the feeling it’s slightly personal and close to home for him. An acoustic artist always has to have a strong/distinctive voice because it makes up most the song, Robin has this, perhaps not the most distinctive, but definitely a solid voice to sit on that acoustic bed. Pahlman has received a number of good responses for this song, which is rightly deserved, as this well put together song could make the grumpiest of people submit to a sneaky smile.





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