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Ruthless thing



‘Ruthless Thing’

The first track on the EP is a nice little opener in the song which is titled the same as the EP, ‘Ruthless Thing’. Tom explained that this EP was about Love, Loss and Injustice, and you get that feeling from this first song, a lovely little story entwined with a simple catchy melody that you’d probably catch old men whistling as they’re sitting down. ‘Only Partly There’ is the second song to feature on the EP and it very much follows the same tone as the opener, a slowly strummed guitar with Tom’s soft vocals lying above them, it works so well. ‘Hammock’ is slightly more upbeat than the previous two, picking up the pace gently, with Tom’s excellent guitar work showcasing on this song it’s hard not to admire, even if it may not completely be your cup of tea, which should be two sugars and a dash of milk.

‘From Experience’ displays possibly the folkiest sound on the EP, once again with his fast strumming and his fetching finger picking. Tom’s vocals are in full swing on this song with him soulfully singing the chorus and that infectious lyric ‘You wouldn’t wanna waste you’re god damn time’. The final song on the EP ‘He forgot to check his heart in at the door’ which is based on a news story about a Brazilian hitman who fell in love with the woman he was assigned to kill. This song demonstrates Tom’s priceless skill of having the ability to turn a story into a song, something that I wish I had, maybe if I keep on trying I’ll get there.






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