Aidan Logan – Tell Me | New Music

Aidan Logan

Artist: Aidan Logan

Hometown: Belfast

Sounds Like: Ed Sheerhan, John Denver

‘Tell Me’

There are definitely pop sensibilities in this song, especially within the vocals and how it builds up into the chorus. Aidan dances very carefully between the lines of country and pop music throughout and fails to give into the complete pop sound by having the guitar playing behind him. However, his vocals continue to strengthen the thought and argument that this vocals wouldn’t sound out of place on a squeaky, poppy dance beat. His vocals aren’t terrible as they sound very heartfelt and distinct but, there’s a feeling that they shouldn’t belong to this track as at times it sounds inherently out of place. The little ditties and riffs delivered by the bluesy guitar in the song make it bouncy and catchy like a Chuck Berry number. The song ends with an outburst from Aidan singing the catchy chorus, reaching some high notes in the process, and once all has been sung, the song slowly fades out.

I’m not the biggest fan of pop music, and I’m not the biggest fan of country music, so this is perhaps the most unsuited song I could have reviewed. Never the less, there were parts of the song that I enjoyed, as I found myself humming while I was taking a quick sip of my brew. I think the song writing was at a very good standard, and this has put the eyes and ears alert for his debut EP. So if you fancy listening to some country/pop music, this is your bag.





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