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Big skies

‘Stay Alive’

After moving out to Berlin to concentrate on their music (because it’s much cheaper), the band have kept their British roots when creating their music, as ‘Stay Alive’ demonstrates. Britpop is a heavy influence in their music as you can clearly hear, however there’s a slightly more psycadelic twist to it, as the guitars aren’t as brash as Oasis or as poppy as Blur. The immediate “Ahhhhhs” you can hear in the track initially grabs your attention, as you being to sing to the song even though you’ve only been listening to it for 30 seconds, and this has a certain Oasis feel to it all, but much more mellow.

The song is exceedingly anthemic, as you could hear a crowd of drunken teenagers walking round the streets screaming it to the tops of their voices. It seems as though this has been pulled straight out of the 90’s as the riff is reminiscent of the Britpop glory years. With all of these elements it remains stand alone, and not a rip off from any other band, making it memorable and worth listening to.

The continuous growing of Big Skies can only mean good things for Britpop, regardless of them being in Berlin. As they continue to grow and hone their sound, the more they are beginning to give Britpop a new fresh face and sound, come back to the UK!





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