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The Band: The Hounds

Hometown: Wolverhampton

Boys in the Band:-

Clayton – Guitar/Vocals
Dan – Guitar/Vocals
Jamie – Organ
Stano – Drums
Geoge – Bass

Sounds like: The Kinks, The Faces, Yard Birds

‘Is the Grass Greener on the Other Side?’

With The Hounds I was promised a 60’s vibe, and you’re not deprived of that in this soulful, rock ‘n’ roll song that could of easily existed in that era with no one questioning it. The psychedelic use of the guitar at the start, similar to Squire’s sound in ‘Fools Gold’, sets the tone perfectly as the tempo begins to build up. It’s not long until you hear the catchy hook-line ‘Is the grass greener on the other side’, and when it hits, all instruments blossom and burst at the seams.

The warming organs lingering around the track is a nice addition, as is something you don’t hear too often from up and coming bands, mainly because organ players are like gold, but these guys have one and they use it to good effect as it entwines with the guitar. The only element that could have made the song that bit better was a solo, and we have one here as it whirrs around your ears and takes you back to the classic 60’s solo’s like Dave Davies in his prime.

This song sets The Hounds in good stead to build themselves a name around their town and hopefully the UK, as it brings a modern tint to a 60’s sound. Finally a band who can get the style right, and don’t sound like a rip off.



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