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You often come across bands that are trying to relive the 60’s glory days, and not many do it justice, however this particular band manage to pull it off quite well. Hailing from Oldham, The Rivertairs have been making sounds since April 2013, which is not really a long time for a band, and for what they’ve done it’s quite impressive. As they continue to play several gigs around there area, the lads are gradually building there fan base.

Boys in The Band

Sheep – Vocals/Guitar
Tom – Vocals/Guitar
Rev – Vocals/Bass
Ryan – Drums


‘Fools Parade’

The 60’s vibes come steaming off this track from start to finish, very much reminding of Miles Kane’s first solo attempt and how he approached it when taking some subtle elements from 60’s rock. They boast these certain traditions proudly as the feel of the early Beatles echo around the track. The harmonies are incredibly similar, but seem to have a much more modern twist to them, along with the story of the song as it seems very lovey dovey and also maintain a certain attitude with it.

The River

There’s some delicate usage of a circus theme tune lying in the song, and they use to good effect as it’s not overused and helps the theme of the song ‘Fools Parade’. Taking these 60’s elements it’s not surprising that there’s an inviting melody, which eggs you on to continue listening to the track. The song would sit within ‘Help’ and ‘A Hard Days Night’ very well, as it wouldn’t sound out of place as all the key elements are there. However, the song lacks complexity and is agonisingly straight forward at times, as you’re aching for it to kick off and perhaps hear a blistering solo, but that time never comes and it leaves you slightly unfulfilled.





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