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The Dark Rooms


There’s nothing wrong with a four piece indie band, as long as they’re good, which they are, so it’s okay. Hailing from Blackburn, the Dark Rooms have been together since 2011, slowly building up their portfolio of songs and honing their sound. They have a strong chore to the band, with it simply starting as two guys playing guitar together, which gradually grew into a four piece band.

Boys in the Band

Scott Gregson – Guitar and Vocals

Keiron Devine – Guitar

Cory Devine – Drums

Curtis Quinn – Bass Guitar

Let’s go Home

If you maintain to have a good riff and melody, that’s half the battle won to having a decent indie track on your hands, and the riff here is capable of taking on that pressure as it fuzzes around you ear. The drums combined along with it just influence that raw sound even more, as the instruments just have that edge around them. The riff appears every chance it gets and maintains that vibe it gained at the very beginning of the song. Also in this piece a solo features, which put a smile on my face, as the high pitched sound of the guitar blared through my speakers, and made the two people in my house slightly annoyed.


Questions could possibly be raised over the vocals, normally the Lancashire/Yorkshire accent over indie music clicks together; however in this track you don’t achieve the same appreciation as you do for Jarman or Turner. The chorus is extensively catchy, but the verses aren’t strong enough as you struggle to hear the words, meaning you can’t sing along or appreciate the writing skills.

Overall, It’s a track that could potentially feature on your Ipod for the summer as it would manage to get people up and push each other. However I think we can expect much more from The Dark Rooms as their best work is yet to be heard.





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