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JEss Roberts


We’ve featured female fronted bands before, but not a proper Rock’n’Roll band that’s fronted by a girl, so, this is a first for us. Hailing from their hometown of Sunderland, Jess Roberts and The Silver Rays create their rock and roll/soul music, taking their influences from rather a wide variety of music, from Led Zepplin all the way to Annie Lennox, and all these influences have a part to play in their music.  So we know who Jess Roberts is, how about her Silver Rays (rest of the band), we have!

Nathan Del Gardo-Bass
George Frakes-Guitar
Joseph Gardiner Lowe- Drums
Alex S.Tower-Keys

Oh and they also have some backing singers who they call ‘The Giddi – Mama’s’, which is quite a cool name.

Mary Awere
Maeve Leahy

Money (I like you better)

Having a long intro is a tricky element  to consider to use, as sometimes they can be magnificent and set the song up perfectly, whereas others can be long, drawn out and overall dull. Jess Roberts and The Silver Rays decided to take this on, with intro clocking in a large 52 seconds; however the band pulled it off with ease. The heavy riff riding throughout the intro makes it an interesting listen, with the entire band orientating around this lengthy solo that Frakes is playing with affluence.  After 52 seconds pure guitar wonder, Jess’s powerful vocals emerge onto the song, this is where there’s a certain Deep Valley feel to them but with a slightly English twist. It’s a classic rock and roll song with the fuzzy guitar playing a prominent part in all of it along with Jess’s vocals. At times it seems like a jamming session for the band, where they’ve been told to play and sing whatever they like, and it’s simply just worked. Just before the swift ending to the song there’s a little breakdown part where each member of the band loses their mind for a while and go mental, creating this commanding sounding that refuses to let up.

Although I’m not the biggest rock and roll fan, there’s a lot to appreciate in this song, whether it’s the guitar work, the vocals or the piano, it’s an astounding musical performance with each instrument playing a large part.





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