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The Wildes


Some bands just ooze summer. The Wildes are one of these bands, sticking to their simple indie-pop influences their two minute tracks are infused with flamboyant surf guitar, sweet harmonies and a lucid baritone delivered by frontman Thomas Akers. It’s clear to see the eighties influence the band claim when listening to their music, the compulsory steady rhythm section delivering the perfect platform for the reverb-soaked guitars to work their magic. This band might not be taking any chances with their music, and in the current scene it’s the case of being a small fish in a big pond, but the boys from the coast still manage to impress with their EP “Come & Go”

‘Come and Go’

 The opening and title track “Come and Go” is a joyous two and half minute outing. Reminiscent of The Vaccines first album, the simple verse-chorus-verse-chorus structure works as well as it ever has in this sunny tune. It’s what you would expect to hear from a band that call themselves pop but take influences from the days of post-punk, and in this song and EP as a whole they may not have found their own way of combining the two, but they’ve definitely done it with some class.

 The second track and longest of the EP “Island Eyes” is a more anthemic number; an intricate guitar line leads the track and is supported by the familiar beat. The vocals build to the chorus where this bands influences really can be heard and the tremolo fits perfectly with the crash of cymbals and the songs vocal hook, perhaps this EP’s most exciting moment.


The third and final track These Things happen is another snappy beach ready blast of sweet noises and toe-tapping beats. The melodies that are a staple on this EP have their day in the sun on this tune and the combination of singers allude to that age old Beach Boys influence that is guaranteed to be present in anything that can be described as surf-pop, the harmonies in this track certainly add to the formula this band use throughout the EP.

 The “Come & Go” EP is a little gem of songs just waiting to be put onto an August playlist, it’s clear this band don’t want to change the world, but that suits them and their guitar-pop tendencies fit perfectly with who they say they are “four lads who have a love of music and writing songs” and  though it won’t be starting any musical revolutions, this band and EP have a lot to offer and seem more than happy to do so.





Words By Connor Christie

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