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Whatever connotations you get when you hear the name Charlie Straight for the first time, I doubt you will come up with the fact that it’s a band based in the Czech Republic. Having Started out in 2006 the band have already recorded 2 albums ‘She’s a good Swimmer’ (2009) and ‘Someone with a slow heartbeat’ (2011), won a number of awards, including best newcomer at the Czech Grammy Awards and 2010 and 2011 respectively, the band won the MTV european Music award as the Best Czech/Slovak Act. With all this under their belt it tells me that they’re doing something right, however the long list of achievements don’t stop there, as they have worked with producer Guy Fixsen (Laika, My Bloody Valentine, Pixies), playing a number of Czech festivals and supporting The Red Hot Chilli Peppers in Prague. As well as this they’re doing it the right way, no label contract, an intimate fan base and good, consistent music. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention who’s in the band:

Albert Černý  – vocals, guitar

Michal Šupák – keyboard, backing vocal

Johnny Cienciala – bass

Pavel Pilch- drums

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‘I Sleep Alone’

Not a lot of songs have this effect on me, but this one did, it made me go and check out all their previous material, literally every piece I didn’t stop until I felt I found everything. ‘I sleep Alone’ has the perfect balance of indie and pop within it for an indie pop song, as some can be badly received and sound cheesy, but this has a perfect balance. I believe this is due to the element of Albert’s vocals and the bands ability to achieve this playful pop sensible sound and catchy riffs. Throughout the song The Kook’s influences are popping out in different places, especially in the vocals and harmonies, which are well delivered. Regardless being from the Czech Republic their British influences seep through the song with every chance it gets, with this love and loss song it has deep heartfelt moments featuring in it but maintains that catchy joyfulness that they have.

A lot of Euro-pop gets a bad rap as it has a lot of gimmick acts that sing nonsense ,which a lot of people laugh at and that’s why they like. Charlie Straight prove that they’re Euro – pop acts out there that deserve a lot more recognition, after all they better than half of the bands that are in the UK now.





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