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Modern Minds


A band that is terribly close to me (Birmingham), as this was the first band I ever booked for a gig and the first real band that I got to know and love for the music they make and the people in it. They’ve been together for quite some time now but having changed their name to Modern Minds and writing some new songs the band is ready to make a fresh start and take a new direction. As they’ve been together for nearly three years the band know each other inside out and have now honed their sound. With experience under their belt having played all around the area, and new ideas in their head they look emerse themselves in the music scene, which they’ve put a strong dent in after penning a gig at the Birmingham 02 on 18th May.  In the band we have:

Luke Pritchard – Lead Vox and Rhythm Guitar

Jay Hancox – Backing Vox and Lead Guitar

McCabe – Bass Guitar

Matty Adams – Drums


Having heard this track grow and develop It’s finally reached it’s true potential,with every element in the song hitting perfection throughout. With the Peace-esq intro and the thundering drums accompanying it, the ability to turn your head and not listen becomes harder, as it grabs your attention at the first second. Mixing their influences with hints of Peace and Reverend and the Makers jumping out in places, the vocals on the track are unique, as Pritchard’s vocals are as powerful as ever and are hard to draw comparisons to anyone. McCabe’s finger work on the bass is ever present and plays a huge part in making this song sound as it does, because it’s not a bass riff that sits behind everything, it’s quite happy to stand out at the front with the rest of the instruments. Choruses are the bulk of songs and make or break a it in truth, and this is something that wouldn’t sound out of place at a big festival with people jumping on each others backs when it hits.Breakdown parts in songs can sound out of place and a bit untidy sometimes, however this isn’t the case with ‘Levels’ as it compliments the song and sets up a huge ending with the chorus getting one last appearance and reminding us to press play just one more time.

It’s an earnest performance from Modern Minds, showcasing their capabilities and what’s in store for the future, definitely worth keeping an eye out for.





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