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Amrchair Committee are three-piece alternative rock band from Bristol. Starting out in 2011 the band said that they had one simple goal in mind to ‘make raw, loud, alternative rock, and to leave a trail of ringing ears in their wake’. The year following the band’s conception, they started gigging, and had the chance to  share the stage with a varied range of British and international acts such as Tubelord, Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun,  along with this they played a number of Summer festivals including Worcester Music Festival, Hullabaloo Festival and Brisfest. At the same time they were reciving foo feedback from the music press, and being heralded as an ‘outstanding’ live band and ‘one to watch’ by BBC Introducing. After releasing some home demos, they got into Courtyard studio, where Radiohead have recorded, to work on ‘Imola’ the EP, which I’ve had the joy of listening to first.

In the band:

Tom Hackwell – Guitar, Vox
Dave Larkin – Bass, Vox
Dan Frost – Drums, Vox

‘Imola EP’

The EP starts with the extremely heavy ‘Boxcutter’ (Which you can listen to), which is bursting at the seems with catchy little riffs, loud sounding drums a sound so big it would make the Eiffel Tower look quite small. As well as all of the this noise and chaos in the opener you also have a nice break down part in the song, which works quite well because of Tom’s vocals. After the first couple of seconds of ‘Boxcutter’ you think it’s some heavy metal band because of the guitar, but shortly after that part they show they’ve got some melody and direction, oh and top this song off, the drum part at the end is special. ‘Codeine (A Plan Of Sorts)’ is the song that follows, which brings the pace down, with harmonies floating here and there. However there are some dark and daunting parts to this song that you never really expected at the start of the song. This well composed pieces is graced with a solo to tear people’s ears off, after listening to it a number of times, it’s convinced me that it should be in some top 10 solo list, purely because of the pace and scalding sound. As well as all of those elements of possibly my favourite song on the EP, the name is amusing to, A Plan Of Sorts. So how do you follow two songs like that, relatively heavy, with some guitar parts that stick out like a saw thumb (Maccabees Reference). Well they followed it with the song ‘To Arms’, a six minute blissful song, which starts with light floaty intro and is resolved by one of the biggest solos on the EP, just before they sing ‘Down to Imola’. There’s two parts to the song, which is split by this sudden stop and after that stop that’s where it gets interesting and where Tom starts working on the guitar, something that he’s done throughout the EP. The husky vocals compliment the song perfectly and help round off the EP perfectly. This is a piece of work that everyone should have the joy of listening to.





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